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Biofeedback Gaming

Pulsed! is a small Android-based reaction game that makes use of the smartphone s camera to assess the player s heart rate. Depending on whether the player s heart rate is high or low, the game becomes more or less difficult, respectively. In order to reach a high score, the player needs to calm herself down while playing - easier said than done! The game has been developed by Augusto Garcia-Agundez and is based on his master s thesis titled Smartphone-based Photoplethysmography Under Suboptimal Conditions: Adapting to Real Life Scenarios . Pulsed! will soon be available in the Google Play Store.


Augusto Garcia-Agundez
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Fachgebiet Multimedia Kommunikation
Rundeturmstr. 10
64283 Darmstadt
Fon: +49-6151-16-4111